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Board of Management

The board members Manfred Klunke (chair) and Christian Senft together with Dr. Dietmar Kohlruss are making up the executive management, looking after company development and overall risk management of the Company.

Manfred Klunke

Chair of the Board of Gartenbau-Versicherung VVaG

In addition to coordinating tasks, Manfred Klunke is now responsible for the areas of claims management, business organisation, corporate communications as well as press / public relations, information technology, compliance, legal and internal audit. The graduate engineer for horticulture, born in 1958 in Selm, completed a horticultural apprenticeship in floriculture in the area of Münster. In 1982, Mr. Klunke began working as a field manager focusing on risk management and claims settlement. As head of the claims department, he received procuration. In 2007, he was appointed Deputy Director for the operating business. First as a deputy member, in 2010he was appointed to the board of Gartenbau-Versicherung. His area of responsibility shifted to the development of the company as well as the positioning of the company as a specialist insurance company for horticulture in Europe. In 2012, he was appointed Chairman of the Board.


Manfred Klunke, Dipl.-Ing.

Manfred Klunke, Dipl.-Ing.

Christian Senft

Member of the Board at Gartenbau-Versicherung VVaG

Christian Senft is now responsible for the areas of insurance operations in Germany and abroad, outsourcing / cooperation, corporate strategy and marketing, internal / process organization and Systems, field service and EU activities, as well as horticultural technology. He joined the company in 2008 and initially oversaw risk management and projects. Since 2010, his area of responsibility includes foreign business with a focus on southern Europe (Italy, Switzerland). In 2013, Mr Senft was appointed authorised representative Southern Europe and appointed to the Executive Board in 2016. Christian Senft was born in 1978 in Schweinfurt (Lower Franconia). He studied horticulture at Technische Universität München (Weihenstephan) and at the Università di Bologna (Italy) and graduated with the title Master of Science (Horticulture). Already during his studies and afterwards he worked for consulting institutions in the fields of technology, business economics, crop protection and cultivation.

Dr Dietmar Kohlruss

Member of the Board at Gartenbau-Versicherung VVaG

Dr. Dietmar Kohlruss has been appointed member of the board of Gartenbau-Versicherung from 1st July 2019. His areas of responsibility are primarily human resources, accounting and finance, actuarial calculations and reinsurance, as well as reporting to the financial supervising authorities. Dr. Kohlruss has a doctorate in mathematics and for more than ten years worked at Westfälische Provinzial Versicherung AG in Münster. In 2005 he moved to the Cologne actuary Meyerthole Siems Kohlruss (MSK), where he worked together with Dr. med. Andreas Meyerthole and Onnen Siems managing the business together since 2008. In recent years, Dr. Kohlruss played a key role in shaping MSK and in particular accompanied numerous clients regarding the introduction of the new supervisory regime, including Gartenbau-Versicherung. The trusting business relationship that has existed for many years between the two companies will continue as of 1st July in the new constellation.


Dr Dietmar Kohlruss

Supervisory Board of Gartenbau-Versicherung

Frank Werner

Plant nursery owner, Chair of the Supervisory Board, Niederkassel

Hermann Berchtenbreiter

Plant nursery owner, München

Ute Martin

Plant nursery owner, Issum

Hanspeter Meyer

Plant nursery owner, Wangen (Swiss)

Tobias Müller

Entrepreneur of insurance,  St. Augustin

Friedrich Haag

Honorary chair, Stuttgart

Joachim Jeß

Honorary member, Lübeck


Lothar Dahs

Tree nursery owner, Deputy chair, Königswinter

Jens Schachtschneider

Plant nursery owner, Neerstedt 

Beate Schönges

Plant nursery owner, Korschenbroich

Klaus Umbach

Plant nursery owner, Heilbronn

Members' representatives at Gartenbau-Versicherung

The highest body of Gartenbau-Versicherung VVaG is the democratically elected members' representative board. A meeting of the members' representatives takes place each year under the conduct of the chair of the supervisory board. The meeting of GV members' representatives has 40 members, and a substitute is elected for each members' representative.



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