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Risk management - prerequisite for optimal insurance cover

Beyond the actual insurance benefits we see our extended task as cooperation in active risk management.

This starts in our member companies as early as the planning phase of a new investment and is also a component of claims adjustment with regard to repair procedures and rebuilding. In addition, risk management is inseparably linked with customised optimal insurance cover: the qualified advice from our field employees on insuring residual risks is not provided until after a risk analysis has been carried out and competent advice on risk reduction provided.

At the beginning there is a detailed risk analysis with competent advice on risk reduction. Only then do our field employees provide the actual advice on insuring the optimised operating risk.

Risk management consists of

  • careful risk analysis by our field staff,
  • advising on risk reduction and damage prevention,
  • advising on customised optimum insurance protection.

More to Risk management

Contributions to operational safety

Brochures entitled "Contributions to operational safety" take up current, usually technical, topics for the horticultural sector. These brochures also pass on experiences from claims for preventing risks. The current publications on the right are available for downloading.

You can find further information on technical horticultural topics here

Assimilation Exposure

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