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Operating buildings and retail premises

Insurable objectsInsurable risksSpecial claims payments
Operating buildings Storm including hail, snow and ice pressure, sleet, other damage caused by natural catastrophes such as floods, heavy rain, overflowing gulleys, landslide, avalanches, earthquakeCosts of clearing up and disposal
Stores, work hallsFire Costs of movement and protection, costs of decontamination and disposal of soil
Office buildingsTechnical damage incl. sabotage and vandalismExtra costs of official requirements
Retail greenhouses, garden centresGlass breakagesLoss of rent for residential premises
Business premises   Site fixtures and fittings within a radius of 20 m are co-insured
Residential buildings   Supply and drain pipes for water supply at the insurance location
Buildings during the construction phase   Further additional claims payments through wide-ranging comprehensive declaration
    Special costs for scaffolding, etc., goods, decorations, plants up to €1,000