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Technical damage

Insurable objectsInsurable risksSpecial claims payments
Crops and plant stocks in the greenhouse (including convertible greenhouses), retail outlet, garden centre Technical spillage caused among other things by material damage to technical equipment such as heating, ventilation, watering, fertilising/CO2 – exposure loss of revenue caused by the failure of key machinery such as potting and positioning machines or sorting and packing installations sabotage and vandalism – failure of supply installations (water, electricity, fuel, heat)Consideration of quality losses
Crops and plant stocks on temporarily covered areas


Losses caused by delays to cultivation periods
Plants in the refrigeration chamber, meristem laboratory Plant stocks in processing are co-insured: supplied bought-in young plants or raw materials, own cultivations for processing or preparing for market
  General inclusion of the additional market risk after insured claims
  Losses of value-added to sequential crops